Courses and Syllabi

Core OEHS Courses (Required for All Degrees)

OEHS 6000 Applied Occupational Biostatistics

OEHS 6370 Occupational Epidemiology

OEHS 6715 Occupational Health and Safety Solutions (Capstone course) 

OEHS 6750 Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene

OEHS 6751 Ergonomics

OEHS 6760 Administration and Management in Health and Safety Programs

Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) Courses

OEHS 6504 Clinical and Behavioral Aspects of Preventive Medicine

OEHS 6702 Advanced Topics in Occupational and Environmental Health

OEHS 6703 Clinical and Behavioral Aspects of Occupational Injuries and Disease

OEHS 6730 Quantitative Exposure Assessment

OEHS 6751 Advanced Industrial Hygiene

OEHS 6752 Introduction to Industrial and Environmental Toxicology and Physiology

OEHS 6753 Industrial Ventilation

OEHS 6754 Noise and Other Physical Agents

OEHS 6810 Occupational Health Psychology

OEHS 6820 Occupational and Environmental Health and Legal Perspectives

OEHS 6830 Topics in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

OEHS 6840 Methods in OHP

OEHS 6910 Project Research

OEHS 7000 Occupational Biostatistics II

OEHS 7720 Occupational Injury Epidemiology

OEHS 7810 Advanced Seminar OHP

Mechanical Engineering (MEEN) Courses

MEEN 6035 Design of Experiments

MEEN 6110 Introduction to Industrial Safety

MEEN 6130 Design Implications for Human Machine Systems

MEEN 6150 Product Safety Engineering and Engineering Ethics

MEEN 7100 Advanced Ergonomics and Occupational Biomechanics

MEEN 7110 Systems Safety

MEEN 7120 Musculoskeletal Functional Anatomy for Engineers

Mining Engineering (MGEN) Courses

MGEN 6050 Mining Ventilation Underground Environmental Control

MGEN 6340 Mining Safety Leadership and Culture Human Centered Design

MGEN 6350 Mining Health Safety Hazards Controls

MGEN 6380 Critical Risk Management Prevention Mining Injuries and Fatalities

MGEN 6390 Mining Emergency Management Emerging Technologies

Robotics Focus MEEN and Computer Science Courses

 MEEN 6220 Introduction to Robotics

MEEN 6230 Introduction to Robot Control

MEEN 6240 Advanced Mechatronics

MEEN 6892 Robotics Seminar

MEEN 7960 Wearable Robotics

CS 6350 Machine Learning

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