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April 11-12, 2024

Contact: Jessica Gardner-Yates
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The 22nd Annual Regional NORA Young/New Investigators Symposium held at the Rocky Mountain Center has come to a successful close! Thank you to all participants for making this year's event one to remember.

Guest Lecturers

Richards Speaker

Dr. Michael Belzer
Dr. Michael H. Belzer, a Wayne State University economics professor, is renowned for his expertise in macroeconomics and extensive contributions to transportation research. With over a decade leading the TRB Committee on Trucking Industry Research and a lifetime Emeritus role, he has also played key roles in truck and bus safety committees and NIOSH's NORA Sector Council since 2006.

NIOSH Speaker

Dawn Castillo
Dawn Castillo, Director of the Division of Safety Research at NIOSH, is an accomplished injury epidemiologist managing key programs, including the Center for Occupational Robotics Research and Traumatic Injury Prevention. With a Master of Public Health from UCLA, she has authored numerous articles on topics such as occupational injuries among young and older workers, firefighters, and workplace violence.

What to Know

A special thanks to the NIOSH Grant for supporting the symposium.

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