Workplace Safety Resources

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At the Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, our academic programs train students for careers in which they have tremendous impacts on worker health and safety. And our Continuing Education program ensures professionals throughout the West are equipped with the knowledge they need to eliminate workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

But you don’t need to become part of RMCOEH to ensure you and your organization are engaging in safe work practices. Here are some resources that offer a wealth of information for maintaining and improving workplace safety.

Workplace Safety Videos

RMCOEH has created a series of workplace safety videos highlighting key safety challenges many employers face. Each of the videos offers insights into avoiding risk and injury. Helping companies and other organizations create a safe environment for their workers is our greatest priority.

Know Your Rights

Workers’ right to a safe workplace is written into federal law. Unfortunately, not every employer is diligent about upholding that standard. It’s important for workers to know their rights, and what to do if they believe they have observed unsafe working conditions. OSHA offers a comprehensive guide to help workers navigate this complex issue.

Workers should also be aware that there are federal protections for whistleblowers who report safety violations. Speaking up could save lives, so if you see a significant problem, say something.

Workers Compensation

Despite best efforts, accidents at the workplace can and do happen. That’s why employers in most states are required to have workers compensation coverage, which covers an employee’s medical bills and potential lost wages if they suffer an injury on the job.

WCF Insurance, which is the largest workers compensation insurance provider in Utah and serves all 50 states, provides information for employers and employees about this critical resource.

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