NORA Symposium BLOHSWEIC Prize

2024 BLOHSWEIC Prize Winners
2024 BLOHSWEIC Prize Winners

Don S. Bloswick- Occupational Health and Safety Workplace Exposure Investigation and Control – B L O H S W E I C – prize to students for Best Podium and Best Poster presentations.

2024 Award Winners:
Outstanding Podium Presentation First Place - Kai Pruyn, RMCOEH
Outstanding Podium Presentation Second Place - Benjamin Mendelson
Outstanding Poster Presentation First Place - Mubo Olufemi, RMCOEH
Outstanding Poster Presentation Second Place - Katie Castro, RMCOEH

2023 Award Winners for Presentation:
Best Podium - Jesse Williams, RMCOEH, University of Utah, Weber State
Best Poster - Jacob McKell, RMCOEH, University of Utah, Weber State
Outstanding Podium - Ryan Saullo and Jansen Jones, RMCOEH
Outstanding Poster - Yishu Yan, University of California, Berkeley

2022 Award Winners for Presentation:
Best Podium - Amber Young, University of California, Berkeley
Best Poster - Riley Campbell, University of Utah
Outstanding Podium - Rudi Marciniak, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Outstanding Poster - Arianna Callahan, University of Utah

2021 Award Winners for Presentation:
Top Podium - Constancia Dominguez, University of California, Berkeley
Top Poster - Katherine Castro & Braydon Black (Tie), University of Utah
Best Presentation - Chadi Ellouzi, Rowan University

2020 Award Winners for Presentation:
Best - Mengcheng Wang, University of California, Berkeley
Top - Federico Arippa, University of California, Berkeley
Top - Bethany Boggess Alcauter, University of Texas

2019 Award Winners for Presentation:
1st Place - Nathan Poon, University of California, Berkeley
2nd Place - Jon Mortensen, University of Utah

2019 Award Winners for Poster:
1st Place - Bernstein, Hsu, Morgan, Somer, VanDyke, Zwalen, University of Utah
2nd Place - Samantha L. Thacker, University of South Florida

2018 Award Winners for Presentation:
1st Place - Duyen Dinh Dang, University of California, Irvine
2nd Place - Aybuke Koyunco, University of California, Berkeley

2018 Award Winners for Poster:
1st Place - Baylee Schell, Colorado State University
2nd Place - Dorothy Taylor &  Alex Tatom, University of Utah


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