Ken d’Entremont, PhD, PE

As an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Utah and in the RMCOEH program, my goals are to educate and train graduate and undergraduate students in applying scientific methods and engineering approaches to safety and health (S&H) problems faced in a wide variety of settings and environments. I teach courses in industrial safety, system safety, product safety, and occupational and environmental safety and health (OEHS). I have developed a product-safety engineering course unlike any offering at an American university. With so many high-profile product-safety recalls being executed, educating future product-design professionals and engineers will help protect people from harm both at home and at the workplace (since so many consumer products are now also used in workplaces). This course is based upon my decades in industry and my new textbook based on my work experiences and post-industry studies into the nature of safety.


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