K. Bo Foreman, PhD

I serve RMCOEH through its Ergonomics & Safety program. My research interests are in the field of biomechanics, specifically the investigation of the kinetic and kinematic changes that result from clinical interventions and/or disease progression. I collaborate with colleagues from multiple departments and institutions on projects ranging from amputee biomechanics to falls research. In addition to my 16 years of experience in biomechanical analysis of human movement, I also have a 27-year history as a physical therapist. I have led or participated in multiple studies using biomechanical, balance, postural control, and clinical outcome measures as a means of documenting alterations or improvements in movement and function. Furthermore, I have participated as principal investigator, co-investigator, and collaborator on previous and current university, nonprofit foundation, NSF, and NIH-funded grants, and have expertise in design, analysis, and capture methods that ensure the integrity, accuracy, and validity of data resulting from research.


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