Joseph Allen, PhD

My role in RMCOEH is threefold: research, education, and service. My background in organizational psychology allows me to apply psychological theories and principles to the world of work, where employees, managers, and leaders collaborate to achieve individual, team, and organizational goals.

I’m currently direct the Center for Meeting Effectiveness (CME) housed in RMCOEH. Through the CME and other efforts, I have consulted for more than 350 nonprofit and for-profit organizations on topics related to enabling effective collaboration through improved meetings. I am particularly interested in how an understanding of organizational psychology may work hand in hand with occupational safety procedures.

In terms of education, I serve as the director of the graduate programs supported by RMCOEH, including those housed in the various departments and schools connected to this interdisciplinary center. Through innovative education, recruiting, and advising practices, we have been able to increase our enrollment even during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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