Why Choose RMCOEH?

Want to make an impact? The Rocky Mountain Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (RMCOEH) is the place to do it. For over 45 years, we've trained students who dedicate their careers to improving other people’s lives, whether it’s through preventing fatalities, solving complex occupational health and safety problems, performing groundbreaking research, or providing care to ill or injured workers.

Perhaps you’ll become an industrial hygienist and design solutions to better limit workers’ silica exposures at commercial renovation firms. Or you’ll be a researcher on the front lines of studying an infectious disease that’s endangering the lives of workers throughout the world. Maybe you’ll be part of a team that is engineering cutting-edge robotics technology to reinvent the way workers in high-risk industries approach their jobs.

The demand for occupational and environmental health and safety professionals needed to meet the extraordinary safety challenges of today — and tomorrow — means the opportunities are endless.

Whatever your ambition, we’ll help you get there. We provide graduate-level training in industrial hygiene, ergonomics and safety, occupational injury prevention, occupational health nursing, and occupational medicine, and our trainees rise to influential positions quickly. Nearly half of RMCOEH graduates serve in management or director positions within their organizations, according to our 2022 alumni survey, and RMCOEH graduates also report an average annual injury reduction of 35.6% in their organizations due to their occupational safety and health services.

Our trainees are quick to credit their time at RMCOEH for pushing them forward, with 100% indicating in our survey that they are satisfied with their training (71.9% very satisfied, 28.1% satisfied; 2022 RMCOEH survey).

“I am a national leader in my field because of the training and experience I received,” one RMCOEH graduate said.

“Phenomenal program and training,” said another. “I felt like I walked away with a great education that set me ahead of my peers in the field after graduation.”

What’s the key behind RMCOEH’s success, and that of its graduates? There’s no single answer. Our visionary faculty, for one, are nationally recognized experts in their fields and passionate about training the next generation of OEHS professionals. Also crucial is the interdisciplinary nature of our training, meaning each student receives a foundation and team-based teaching in all core areas of occupational and environmental health and safety, which is a critical requirement for being an effective, modern OEHS professional. Our learning environment, meanwhile, is unparalleled, with a brand new headquarters and state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and training facilities that provide students a leg up on graduates from other programs.

The list goes on. And our track record speaks for itself.

You want to make a difference. So do we. Together, there’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

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