Richards Safe Workplace Lecture Series

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In 2022, RMCOEH launched the interdisciplinary Richards Safe Workplace Lecture Series, bringing in experts of diverse backgrounds within occupational and environmental health and safety to speak at our center. with the aim of providing as well as reaching a broad audience that can learn from occupational health and safety experts.

The series, whose namesake, Paul S. Richards, pioneered occupational health and safety in Utah, provides unique educational opportunities for our trainees. But we also believe these lectures are valuable for a much broader audience — and we hope you find these recordings insightful and engaging.

Past Lectures

Karin Reed
CEO, Speaker Dynamics

Connecting through the Camera: How to Communicate Best with Patients via Telehealth

Jan. 13, 2023

Dr. Jennifer Taylor
Director, Center for Firefighter Injury Research and Safety Trends
Violence Against Firefighters: From Prevalence to Policy
Nov. 4, 2022

Dr. Ronald Böck
Head of Research, Genie Enterprises Inc.
Automatic Analyses of Multimodal Multi-Agent Interactions
Sept. 19, 2022

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